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We are a group of BSD enthusiasts, who often hang out on the bsdnet IRC servers. We welcome BSD'rs of any flavor; please, however, keep all religious arguments and those damned penguins outside :-). If you'd like to join us, point your IRC client to "". If you're a regular of bsdnet, you may consider subscribing to the mailing list.


If you do join us on IRC, please keep in mind a small token amount of etiquette. If you're looking for FreeBSD help online, go to the #FreeBSDhelp on, or read the FreeBSD Handbook. Do not disturb channels where their channel name indicates that they are not a support channel. Generally, users in those channels are not able to offer help, that could otherwise be better answered elsewhere. If you barge in, demanding help, the only help you'll get is help out.

automagic nicknames

This web server is automagical - if you request you will be automaticly transported to that nickname's web page or directory, if they have registered their site with . The list of registered nicknames is listed for convenience. Likewise, in many cases, you can send mail to - it's a handy way of remember who to email when exchanging ideas. Send requests for email addresses to These email and web addresses are offered to any BSD enthusiast.

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